Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Savvy Saying....

I heard a thump so I went into the livingroom where Savvy has been playing with her dolls.  As soon as I walk in Savvy says, "I told the princesses they should not be playing with that key (referring to a decorative key on the table she is not allowed to play with)". 

I asked her thinking I misunderstood, "You told the Princesses not to play with the key?".  Savvy responds, "Yes, they know better".

Okay, as long as they know they are not suppose to play with the key....I walked away and hear her repeat to the princesses, "I told you guys we should not play with the key".


Becky Jane said...

sounds like she handled it pretty well...LOL

Mami said...

I have come across her putting a princess or two in "Time Out"...that always makes me look around nervously...lol