Monday, November 15, 2010

I am Late, Drugs, and Insanity!!! {My Ramblings}

I know I am running late with my posting see Savvy has been sick and had to go to the doctor on Saturday (woohoooo, we know how to party on the weekends!)...she has dark spots on her lungs as seen on the xrays so she was put on a nebulizer treatment...she is a pro at the medication thingy by now and is all excited about her "new medication"....thing is...this medication has a nice side effect to it....HYPERACTIVITY and inability to concentrate......or as Mami describes it {{{{INSANITY}}}}}...although I am not sure if the insanity is on my daughter's part or my part ;)

Needless to say Savvy is a handful right fault of her own...her little body just can't calm itself down from the medication that is hopefully letting her lungs heal....she is crashed on the sofa which tells you something because she doesn't nap....I am not sure how long the nap will last but when reinforcements arrive (i.e. Super Papi) to throw me a life preserve I will get another {Giveaway} running and some reviews till then don't forget to check out the {Giveaways listed on the Christmas Extravganza Linky}!  I will post the linky above so you can have fun :)

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