Friday, November 19, 2010

I have an EcoMom Review and Giveaway coming.....

 Update: Can't get things to work ... guess you figured that out husband suspects we need a new video card (?) but can't diagnose it over the phone...hmmm...I guess when I describe the thingy is doing this and then gets stuck and the other thing that should pop up doesn't probably doesn't help him :S  I will get this giveaway up on Monday along with another one.

Since I have started blogging I have had the wonderful pleasure of letting my daughter review some great items for some great companies but I have to say that one of her all time faves has been the review for EcoMom!

She had the opportunity to review the Crafty Kids Shuttle Imagination Playhouse and as I type is playing in it :)  I am having troubles with pictures and video on my computer for some reason today...I think it is because it is Friday ... or the fact that I have not finished my 3rd cup of liquid gold yet and it is noon!

As soon as I can get my ducks in a row I will get it up for you...why am I sharing this with you before the review goes up...well...because I will be able to giveaway a gift certificate and I tell you EcoMom is TRULY a company that you would to check out for your family this holiday season!

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