Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning.....{My Ramblings!}

My hubby and I watched this new television show last night, "The Walking Dead"....I apparently am not into zombie movies...I love Vampire movies so I thought I would love this show.  The show was great but that was the problem.....I was {Stressed} out the entire time!  My hubby grabbing my neck when I wasn't looking didn't help me out either!!!!!! Note to self...must get hubby back....

I wish it was a movie that way I would have sat through a good zombie movie and would have been done with it but now....I saw it in his eyes...he wants to watch this show every week....I don't know if I can handle this zombie stress!  I mean they want to eat you!! Seriously, they don't want to just EAT you then they want you to become a walking dead person yourself???!!!  So, I went to bed trying to figure out why zombies need to eat in the first place...afterall, their guts were hanging out ... why is there such a quest for consumption? Oh...and why don't they have a {time off}?  Vampires don't hunt at night, Werewolves wait for a full moon....Zombies are apparently a 24 hour thing...not good!

At about 2 am my daughter crawls into bed with us....sits straight up after getting comfy and says, "Mami I am HUNGRY!"...kinda creepy....

Did you watch this show last night?  If so, what were your thoughts on it? I am still creeeeeeped out!

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