Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giveaways...An Overdue {Thank You}! - Colorcrazed! {My Ramblings}

I have been really fortunate to host a lot of great giveaways on my blog.  I started to gain interest in hosting my own giveaways when I realized that I {love} entering giveaways on blogs!  When I or you enter a giveaway on a blog we have a better shot of winning!  The thing is that even popular giveaways will have a few hundred entries and some may even have a few thousand (if you are a fan of Bakerella like I am...you know that her giveaways will hit 1000s) but your odds are still so much better then entering a sweepstake...blogs are just easier to win because there are fewer entrants then in nationwide campaigns.  I have won a lot of wonderful items due to giveaways and frankly many are going to be under our Christmas tree in a few days!

With this said, I won a contest a while back and I wanted to share a special Thank You to Lynda Coker!  You see when I entered the contest I wanted to win because this was something I wanted for the "Welcome Wagon".  She makes items that I think are ideal for a person in the hospital because they are pretty, easy to pack and easy to wash!

I pulled out the game that I won and am organizing the items to take to the Ronald McDonald House when I realized that I never said, Thank You!  I believe it is always better to send a Thanks then keeping it to oneself.  I wanted to thank Lynda because when I told her I did not have a preference about which item she would send me because I was donating it she made sure she mailed a pretty "child" friendly item.  I think that was so thoughtful and sweet!  Thank You Lynda! 

You can find the items that Lynda sells here and you can find her blog ColorCrazed here.

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Lynda Coker said...

You are so welcome! I hope the children enjoy playing with Tic Tac Toe game as much as my children did.