Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 4 Year Old...My Gratitude...{My Ramblings}

My Warrior Princess is 4!  This past week has been surreal in our home...simply because we were home!  Savvy's Godmother flew in to town and we celebrated her 4th birthday with a birthday party .... yup... a bunch of little princes and princesses running around the house hyped up on sugar...and we loved every minute!

I looked out my window as I was getting lunch ready for everyone and saw the kids running around having a great time ... They played pin the tiara on the princess (the dollar store had this adorable game!  It was a bit flimsy but when we backed it up with was perfect).  They had sack races (who knew these kids were part bunny rabbits??) and their version of musical one won or lost...they simply chased each other and had a great time!

They reminded me once again about the simple joys of simply being a joy!

I made my first fondant birthday cake....I found a super simple recipe for the fondant...marshmallows (melted in the microwave with a teaspoon of water) and confectioner sugar!  Mix and mix (add food coloring) and mix and voila!  Super Easy (although time consuming) was like playing with playdoh and the best part was that Savvy helped make the cake.  She cut the crowns using her cookie cutters and rolled balls with Mami.  The cake and frosting inside SOOOOOOO yummy....and {dairy free} of course!  It is the recipe from the side of the cocoa powder container...for the frosting we substituted almond milk for cow's milk and YUMMY!

So this is what my week has been busy the house, making the cake and other goodies and throwing the "Best Birthday Party Ever!" according to I told my hubby that doesn't have to be just has to be special...and that was exactly what it was!

To Our Donor Angel's Family - Thank You for giving us the memories of the past 3 years...without the most amazing Gift of Life that you have given our family in allowing your angel to give our Warrior Princess her new liver...we would not have had this celebration...There are no words...I have tried to find them...There is simply a love and gratitude that we hold in our hearts for the amazing Gift you have given us....Thank You!  


kalea_kane said...

What a beautiful warrior princess, and that is quite the cake! Very happy for the wonderful gift your family received. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the warrior princess had a great special Birthday and that is a Beautiful cake!

Tricia @nightowlmama said...

Happy Birthday She's beautiful