Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kudos Papa John's!

Guess what I got in the mail today?  A flyer with a coupon for a {Free} 2 Topping pizza from Papa John's.

We have had a string of {boogies} in our home the past 2 months or so...just can't seem to keep a healthy family with the New Year's being no different...I am just getting rid of very severe "something" ... well .. about 2 weeks ago we were just beat and broke down and called Papa John's...you know a treat we just gave ourselves and frankly the Papa John's commercial on television kinda helped sway us... we waited an hour and then called the store...the pizza was late and we were starved.  We didn't complain just wondered about the time and understood that the delivery person {who was just as sweet as can be} went to the complex down the street with a similar name...no biggie...we ate our pizza and loved every minute of it!

Today, I opened the mail and read, "When we promise great pizza and service. We Deliver!" It went on to say that because our last order did not meet their timely expectations that they were giving us a {Free} pizza!  Yeah!  We did not ask for this...they just must have automatically logged it....Kudos Papa John's!  That is some {Great} customer service to go along with your yummy pizza!!!!

Guess...what Super Papi and I are having for dinner tonight? Yup....just waiting for the doorbell to ring!


winterbabe98 said...

that's exactly what we got in the mail today! Hubby was surprised, since the guy apologized about the pizza being late recently. We have to use our coupon before the 24th of this month.


Mami said...

That is so cool! Enjoy!!! We had sausage and banana peppers....yummy :)