Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolution...{My Ramblings}

I know we are well in to the New Year but for feels like I haven't had my new beginning yet.  I finally got myself to the doctor (typically, Mami...I have take Savvy so many times but ignored the fact that I can barely breathe)...turns out I am using about 30% of my lungs functions...I got a shot of Prednisone and some antibiotics so I am hoping within a few days things will get better....

So my New Year's resolution is to take care of myself....I know sounds selfish for a Mami but I looked at Savvy and realized I want her to grow up loving herself because darn it she is the most wonderful thing in the world!  I realize that I need to model that for as I am almost 40 I need to get myself together....meaning I need to take care of myself.

Today, I was at the doctor' my medication, breathing treatment, found out my blood pressure is high and need to follow up on other to the dermatologist...I have a mole that is funky looking that I have ignored...not cool.  Time to take care of myself.  Made an appointment for a GI at the end of the month and you know what....I may even throw in a selfish pedicure this month....nothing cures things more then the toes looking {purdeeeeeee} ...

So, what are your resolutions?  Did you make any? 

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BeckyW said...

I agree sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves! So good for you by taking action on your health. I have always been told "if you don't take care of yourself, how will you take care of the ones you love?".

Just wanted to stop by from "What U Talking Bout Willis" Dream Team 2011