Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Year Ago....{My Ramblings}

A year ago I started this blog to share the deals I was finding on the web.  Over the year the blog has grown and things have changed....I started to do reviews and giveaways and loved it!  I did so well in saving my family money and in giving to others.....and then the holidays hit and I became overwhelmed.  I feel I owe an explanation to those who have followed this blog and who send me are so wonderful!

During the holidays I was on an emotional rollercoaster  because as you may know 3 years ago my daughter received a liver is a sad and joyous occasion.. a very emotional time.  We celebrated her birthday...4!!! And then I became was bad.  I was up on Christmas Eve wrapping presents and throwing way I was going to miss the event.  The whole family got sick.  I had a lot of giveaways running and my blog became a bit of a burden on me...yup...I am not a super blogger I guess....

We celebrated Savvy's liver anniversary at the Ronald McDonald House and donated all the gifts that we had collected all year.  I have to do a special post on this...unfortunately, I have yet to find my camera ... my hopes is that I just misplaced it and did not leave it behind...either way I will share the evenings events on another was a lovely and yet very emotional day.  I couldn't function...seriously, the day was busy and I got nothing done because I kept doing things "off"...I baked a cake and forgot the eggs, I grabbed my purse but not my wallet with my license...I was just being air headed all day and am grateful to the friends I had come over to celebrate with us...not sure if I would have made it out the door without them....

I tried to blog and coupon but things were just off .... I started a business with a dear friend that I will also share with you....I will tell you more about it later but here is our Facebook page {Savvylicious Sweet Designs}.

Today, I am home with Savvy.  She has been sick this week with diarrhea, vomiting and today....a fever.  I am exhausted even after my liquid gold but grateful it is Saturday and Super Papi is taking good care of our little Warrior Princess.  I feel guilty that I have let my business partner take care of every order this week since Savvy has been sick.  I feel exhausted and then it clicked....I really miss this blog.

I started my blog to help my family and help others and I let it overwhelm me...I tried to keep up with what other blogs were doing and you know....I am me.  I am a Mami who tries my best and screw up.  I screwed up in trying to make this blog bigger and better rather then simply ... my blog...and that is why it became a burden rather then my happy place to go and save some money. 

I looked at our savings since I stopped regularly blogging and you know what?  I screwed up there...we have spent more then normal...not good.  So, I am going to get back to blogging about savings.  I will still do giveaways and reviews but not as many as I did in December.  I am going to get back to running my {Frugal Family} :)

I will let you all know when I am not going to blog and am going to take time off because frankly it was rude of me to simply disappear and for this I apologize.

I will be back Monday evening ....

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Melanie said...

I am glad to know that you are doing well. I stopped by to check on you last week and said a prayer!

Looking forward to all your upcomming posts!