Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally Checked Out Aldi's....and LOVED it!

My mom and I went to check out our local Aldi's which has been open for a bit now but with the craziness of my life recently I had not had a chance....we walked out of the store and my mom said it beautifully, "I wish we had come when they opened we would have been saving so much all of this time!".

This store only accepted Debit cards, Cash or Food Stamps.  You have to deposit a quarter to use the shopping carts...the quarter is refunded to you when you return it.  If you want a grocery bag you could purchase it for 6 cents otherwise your products went back to your cart or in the bag you brought it...I thought this was so smart....this is a great way to get people to recycle their bags.

The selection in the store was not a large one.  There were very few name brands but the prices were amazing!  Milk was $1.99 for a gallon (limit of 10), eggs were 99 cents, the prices were great on {most} things.  I still found some items to be a little higher in price but overall the prices were low...heck they had a nice selection of wine for $2.99 ... I can actually afford to get drunk ;)  Okay...I am getting carried away now...

Just wanted to share this wonderful store in case you had not checked it out. Click here to see if there is an Aldi's near would be worth your time!


barbara.montyj said...

I love Aldi's too!
Great bargains.

Melanie said...

I wish they would open a new Aldis near us or redo the one we have. Ours is old and not nice. I will say that I always check them out for Christmas gifts. They get some of the top items and discount them.

Judy said...

I am sad that I don't have an Aldi near me but visit a couple of them when I'm in Atlanta visiting my daughter. Last Christmas, I won a GC to Aldi from a giveaway, gave it to my daughter, and she has been shopping there ever since. Because she is in financial straits, it is her preferred store now. Although their selection is narrower, she just picks from what they have and is very happy with everything she gets there. They have weekly sales that usually have a theme, e.g. Italian or Asian and she loves that -- so they eat international according to what week it is! Lots of fun. I myself found some great cookies and candy (chocolate) that I have not found anyplace else.
Yay Aldi! I'm a fan.