Monday, March 14, 2011

Savvy Update ... {My Ramblings}

First and foremost let me say Thank you to all of the well wishes.  Savvy is out of the hospital but unfortunately they never learned what it was that made the symptoms show up which led her to be hospitalized in the first place.  Trust me when I tell you this child had so much blood taken out and all kinds of tests and yet nothing.

She stopped vomiting without having to take her medication to prevent it on Thursday and I spoke to her teacher on Friday letting her know she should be back in school on Monday....turns out it is Spring Break this week!  Kinda funny!

Well, no matter the diarrhea returned today...I have been able to keep her hydrated and there has been no vomiting today so hopefully ... this is just a glitch and tomorrow she wakes up good as new!

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will pray for your little savvy- hope she is better- we are doing spring break field trips this week (we homeschool here in florida) we went to Daiken Dairy Farm in Myakka City- it was a surprising treat! our group was about 101 total and they did a great job- boys ran around and got really dirty & we had icecream = good day!