Friday, March 25, 2011

When it PoUrS! {My Ramblings}

As I have shared Savvy was very sick and hospitalized for a few weeks this past month...things are so much better with her today.  She is so looking forward to her "brothers" (cousins) coming down to visit during their Spring Break.  We had some ups and downs this past week with believe it or not BOTH of our cars breaking down.  My car broke down on Friday and then smoke started coming out of my husband's car on Monday...surreal.  We felt pretty lucky though because the weather has been beautiful in Florida which allows my husband to drive his motorcycle to husband was in a motorcycle accident.  A gentleman cut across three lanes of traffic and never stopped (literally never stopped until witnesses followed the van and had him pull over to wait for the police!)...fortunately a police officer from another county was a few cars behind my husband and was able to make sure he was okay and then met the good samaritans and made the van wait while he called the local police department.

Super Papi is home recovering ...can't walk or move really even with the pain meds but thankfully Nurse Savvy put some Strawberry Shortcake bandaids on him and he swears that is making him feel better :)  So....I KNOW how much I have been slacking on this site...and frankly on my finances because I haven't been able to keep any sense of a routine in our lives...but I do have what money can not buy and that is my family at home with me....although a bit banged up...they are HERE!

My sister will be helping out with this site.  When she visits during Easter I will be showing her how ... well I used to do things...and she is going to help me so hopefully things will get into somewhat of a rhythm soon....

I hope all is well with you and yours!!!

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Kasie said...

Hello. I found you thru MBC. I was reading up on your story. My dtr too had a liver trasplant On July 1 2008. She wasn't born with a liver disease it was just accute. So, I know what your going through the transplant part of this. YOU are definetley in my prayers. Blessings to her. Hope to read that she is doing better soon.