Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you design a HTML button? Want to trade?

I am not computer savvy...I am thinking my 4 year old, Savvy, will be surpassing my computer skills soon enough....I say by 6 she will certainly have me beat!  Seriously, this kiddo is amazing on pbskids.org! 
I would love an HTML button for my  Savvylicious Sweets site that will be relaunching soon ... I want to work with more bloggers and want to be able to provide them a "button" for the site .... but I don't know how to create one.....I know ... I know...I could buy one...but I am all about being "frugal" and love to trade :)  So if you can create one and have a blog or a store that you would like advertised...I will trade you space on my sidebar on this site...I have my logo that I would like used...simply need you to insert the code for me..send me an email if you are interested.

And yes...I do recommend bartering for services...we all have something of value in this case it would be advertising in trade for designing skill....in this economy why not try bartering?!


frugalapolis said...

Here is a site that posted a tutorial on how to make your own button, its actually pretty simple.


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Hello. I don't see your email anywhere, but I can do this for you. Contact me via my blog, or by email (It's on my "About" page.)
(Hoping Savvy is doing better)