Monday, May 23, 2011

SheCon Blogger's Conference {My Ramblings!}

I went to SheCon and was super excited about the people I met at the conference but I have to tell ya if it were not local and free for me I would have been pretty disappointed.  The first thing that went terribly wrong was the date...apparently a HUGE Triple XXX convention was going on at the Miami Convention center this weekend?  Who Knew?  Well, apparently more people knew about that convention then knew about SheCon!

The downside - feeling terribly overweight and overdressed as a walked through the entrance to attend my convention....
The upside - the porno convention had an Awesome pink carpet welcoming you to their convention...I felt like a pretty pink princess for a minute :)

and yes...the whole time I am snapping pictures on my phone and sending them to my husband .... bet he will want to go to the next convention?!

The downside of the convention - my goodie bag did not have a schedule in it and I couldn't figure out what was going on when because everything seemed pretty empty.
The upside of the convention - I got to really look at some cool products and talk to the reps at each booth....You KNOW I headed straight to the "Liquid Gold" booth....ah.....New England Coffee and Bailey's creamer.....loving it....

The downside - there were not a lot of vendors in the vendor hall.
The upside - the vendors that were there were quality vendors!  American Standard, Wilson, Chevrolet to name a few!

The upside/upside - The Balancing Act had a booth at the convention and I love this show!  They are all about empowering woman and they helped us spread the word about organ donation a while back when our own little Savvy was the "star" of the show ... well...our segment ;)

Overall, I personally had a great time and met fabulous bloggers .... when I returned on Sunday the expo hall was already shut down at 10:30 was not scheduled to open until 11 am.... the lack of bloggers in attendance was clearly something the vendors were not pleased with ... and I can't blame them!  It will be interesting to see what happens with this convention next year....well....atleast I know the porn convention is not going anywhere!  Who knew one could wear 9 inch heals with amazing balance?!


WiLLiamCynthia said...

This year already past ? When is the nextone ? Where ? Thanks for the experience ...

Mami said...

It was this past weekend in Miami Beach...they have not announced what they will be doing next year.