Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things are Good! {My Ramblings...}

It has been a little while and I wanted to update you on why I was M.I.A.  Savvy has been sick for various reasons leading her in and out of the hospital.  The most severe being for internally bleeding.  Turns out she had varices in her esophagus that bled and required surgery.  Her "Gift"...her donor liver and her native veins have not grown up with her and so essentially there was a back flow of blood causing her to bleed internally. 

We flew to Philly so her transplant team could head her treatment and she had the balloon dilation (similar to angioplasty for the heart)...we had complications...they saw a clot, the was bleeding out and required a blood transfusion, and more details that I just don't care to relive...needless to say within hours of her surgery and minutes of a Massive amount of blood leaving my child's body she told the drs she needed a "boo boo sticker" for her "stinky foot"...yup....that is my kid!

We are home...she is home with the boogies...and let me tell you...I am thrilled to have a sick kid at home simply because it is "normal" sick kid stuff...the yucky aspect is that she is missing out on her swimming at school but the good thing is well....everything!

I will be returning to my blogging....and actually doing so with a BaNg since I will be attending SheCon this weekend!  I have to tell ya...NEVER did I think when I started blogging that I would be heading to a convention!! Yup...it is local and it is free to attend...you know me ;)


QueenB said...

i'm glad you are all home and doing better. enjoy the conference- i'm sure some time for you will be awesome!!



Melanie said...

PTL! I am so happy to hear the good news that you are all doing better!

Mami said...

Thank you both!!! {{{Hugs}}}