Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am a reformed woman and I will never go back to the old ways....well....maybe if I hit the Powerball lottery next week but otherwise.....I am reformed FOREVER!  I had to run out and get a few more things from the grocery store today and YES I was itching for a few more 99 cent cards but they were wiped out at Publix!  Hmmm...I can't imagine how the word got out so fast....oh yeah...this fancy thing called the internet.

I headed out along with my 3 year old (non-whining today....wooohoooo for the ziploc bag of Cheerios!) and my hubby.  I focused on the deals and steered clear of the wine beloved wine aisle and got in and and out quickly!  We did have to get some staples since we were running low and my husband decided he wanted to make pita bread tonight.  I became the "coupon fairy" and left some coupons for others that I would not be using ($3 on Pull-ups - how fun will that be for the lucky finder!) and we headed to the check out ... the place of TRUTH....did we or did we not do justice to frugal living....and I believe we did!!!  We spent $37.68 and saved $57.53....not bad...not bad at all!!! Now I ask myself ... why oh why did I not head down that wine aisle??? 

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Jenn said...

Same thing here, I can't see myself going back. Now I look back at what I used to pay for groceries and I can't believe I was ever that crazy!