Sunday, January 31, 2010

Milk Coupon

I have a little one with a dairy allergy...this is not a fun thing for her because just a very slight amount of dairy product can cause her to get sick.  I realized the other day that I had not purchased milk...cow's milk vs. rice milk  (please let me know if you find a coupon for rice milk out there...I will be doing the Happy and Slappy dance)  in such a long time.  Well, I have milk in the fridge this week and I have enjoyed some cold cereal while she is napping...I feel like a sneaky deaky for drinking the forbidden substance!

Here is a coupon for all of you to enjoy and hopefully you don't have to be a sneaky deaky!! You can print a coupon which gives you  Borden Milk Coupon for $0.75 off or 1 gallon OR $0.75 off of 2 half gallons.

Thanks, Free Sample Freak for letting us know about it!  Oh...please look at the bottom of the page for the coupon tab.  I printed it twice (the "coupon fairy" will be leaving one behind for someone else to enjoy) since we don't drink a lot of milk in our home but you may be able to print it more then that ... let me know if you do.

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