Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Kids Card from Hallmark

Hallmark Stores have a new kids collection of cards.  They are promoting this collection by giving away a free kids card (GO HERE).  If you happen to adore the cards (which are pretty cute I must say) and have a Hallmark Crown Rewards Membership then you can earn 100 points for buying any 2 cards from this collection.  If you do not have the membership I would go ahead and start one while you are there...it is free to join and it simply keeps track of your purchases and allows you to earn some Hallmark perks. 

If you do not have a little one to send this card to....you might want to think about picking it up and sending the card to a sick child that would love to receive a little smile in the mail.  A great organization is Make a Child Smile! 

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