Saturday, February 6, 2010

Savvy Valentine Ideas!

I have been sick all week and so has my daughter.  Today, is the first day that I feel somewhat human and starting to think of ideas of what we are going to do for Valentine's day.  I thought of doing an idea I had done for my hubby years ago.  I purchased a bag of balloons (red, white, pink) and blew them up and put them all in the shower.  I had created a huge note and taped it to the shower that said, "I am showering you with LOVE!".  When he woke up in the morning to take a shower all of the balloons fell was pretty funny!  The funnier thing was that in order for it to be a surprise I had to do it the night before so I spent a great deal of time in the bathroom blowing up the balloons...I have no idea what he thought I was doing in the bathroom for so long! 

So now that I have a Cutie Patootie at home with me I want to make this Valentine's Day special and I was looking around the internet for some cute ideas...WOW!  There are some super crafty and creative people out there!  My hat is off to them...I am not sure which ideas I will "borrow" but I will be sure to take pictures and let you know.  For now I wanted to share them...they are all cute but most are really FRUGAL too!  No need to run to the mall and purchase an expensive gift...these gifts are priceless in my opinion! Below are links to some really cute ideas!


Look at this simple and adorable ideaLook at this simple and adorable idea! Click HERE for the "How To"
How sweet would this be for your little one to find!

This is so sweet...I can't imagine not opening up this card and not falling in love! Click HERE for the "How To"

This is such a simple idea that I never would have thought off...simply love it! Click HERE for the "How To"

WOW! Click HERE for this idea! Now, I saw this and thought...sure I am going to make a chair like this...all of the special tools and all....WELLLLLL, then I read and saw the pictures on how she did and you are going to be AMAZED on how crafty she is!!! Her kids helped with this project...I am sooooo LOOOOOVVIIIINNNNGG it!

I will share more of my faves as the week goes by!  I salute you crafty all ROCK!


Shay Bocks said...

Thanks for including us in your post today!! What great ideas!

Frugal Mom said...

You are so crafty Shay! I Love it!! Ronnie's Book is another idea I love and will share! THANK YOU for sharing!! Happy Valentine's Week (never too early to say that!)

the inadvertent farmer said...

Thanks for the feature! I must say that little tree with the hearts made me grin...and made me want to make one! Kim

Frugal Mom said...

Kim - let us know if you make one..I will have to share it with everyone!

JulieJ said...

Thanks for including my topiary in your post. Off to check out your site!

Frugal Mom said...

Julie - your topiary is such a sweet idea! I love it!