Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WOW! I think I have some other words but I will stick with "WOW" for now.  Now, I have not verified this with Citi but this Heads Up was posted on Ms. Building Up Da Benjamins and being someone who does still have credit cards (I am working towards being cash only but my child has had a liver transplant and is immune suppressed due to the medication that keeps her alive...I am still in the mindset that I need them in case of emergency..and unfortunately, emergencies due pop up a bit more often in our lives then I would like...I know...I am working on this...) so when I think of an additional $60 fee per card...some of us have a few...eeek!

So, here I am passing this information along so you keep your eyes on the mail coming in and then you can make a decision for what is best in your family situation.


I've not had a Citi Credit Card but if you do be aware that Citi is sending out letters saying that they are adding a $60 annual fee.

We're writing to let you know about an important change we're making to your account. Effective April 1, 2010, an annual fee of $60 is being added.

The reason we are making this change is to maintain the quality of service amid the rising cost of doing business.

List of Cards being Affected:

- AT&T Universal Card

- Citi Home Rebate Mastercard

- Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Visa

- Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards MasterCard

- Citi Platinum Select

- Citi Appreciation Plus

- Citi Dividend World MasterCard

- Citi mtvU

- Citi Drivers Edge (Mastercard/AMEX)

- Citi Dividend AMEX

Here's the number to opt-out 1-866-915-9425...but it will have a negative impact on your credit score.

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