Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All You Magazine - $.70 per issue is about to End!!

Update: This deal is done!
HERE I told you all about this awesome deal I was offered for my readers.  You can pick from several magazines and get a huge discount...the best one I think is the All You Magazine deal.  This magazine is filled with coupons!  Seriously, even full price this magazine is worth purchasing!

I just received an email from Campus Fundraisers stating:
Unfortunately there have been some complaints to All You as to the
price reduction we have chosen to offer readers during this
promotion. They have asked us to remove this promotion until further

Previously we had opened this up until March 15th but unfortunately,
due to this current concern, we will have to end the promotion no
later than Friday March 12th. We will be unable to honor
credits/price reductions after this date.

We will work hard to re-negotiate and gain permissive access to offer
fantastic deals like this again. However, if we are unable to
negotiate a favorable price point to offer readers, this may be the
last time we and you will see a price this low.

SO HURRY!!!!! This is an AWESOME deal!  To boot the $3 per subscription that I have been offered will go towards toys at the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Lauderdale.

Click HERE - After the subscription or renewal is purchased you will receive a $12 credit within a few days.

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