Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Weekly Publix Trip - Saved $81.81!

Our weekly Publix trip is getting better and better!  Our total does not reflect the Final price for the Sure deodorant has a "Try Me Free" deal with it.  Once I get the refund from the manufacturer for this then it will be $2.39....but then if you look closely you will see that the pickles are all by themselves in the picture.  They are missing there little BOGO buddy....I dropped a jar and shattered it ... oh, so the lonely jar of pickles will sit alone!
Today we spent - $37.56
We saved - $81.81


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how I long for a Publix!! I lived in GA after college and LOVED shopping there and that was before I even used coupons. I should make my husband move us to a state with Publix when we leave Alaska :-) LOL.

Jill W.

Frugal Mom said...

You could fly in to do your grocery shopping and stay with me....oh...that would defeat the savings - huh?!