Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Coupon Cult

I am an active member of an online support group for families whose children have or will be having a liver transplant.  I found myself in the early morning sitting on my computer with a hot cup of Liquid Gold i.e. coffee next to me typing away....going on and on about how we all need to use coupons and use them effectively.  I realized as I was typing that I felt like I was recruiting...recruiting to the coupon cult!

The Coupon Cult? Why on earth would I say something like that?  Well, I have never been a cult member lets just get this out of the way....atleast not until now.  I love to research things...hmmmm...could be why I have become obsessed with deals.  I was a doctoral student in what seems to be another life time (3 years ago) studying psychology but had to drop my program when my daughter was diagnosed with liver disease.  In my studies, the one thing that every class had in common was research, research, research, and did I mention research?  When my daughter was diagnosed I became obsessed with learning everything there was to know about the liver disease she had...I find myself sitting again in front of the computer and researching...researching because as CEO of my family...Yeah..I said it... I am the Boss! I feel it is time to get my company in financial shape and I am cracking the whip.

I consider myself to be a somewhat intelligent human being (after my 3rd cup of Liquid Gold) and I am just shocked that I  did not know of this ... this world of savings!  I feel like I have seen the light.  Had a lightbulb moment as Ms. Oprah Winfrey would say...and the lightbulb shines bright and was purchased on discount!

I feel like I need to shout to the world...come ... come and see the light...let the coupon angels guide you too! To the deals, to the products that are so amazing they will last a lifetime, to the coupons...and the FREEBIES.  Then I realize...I sound like a cult recruiter...the Coupon Cult!  And you know what scares me?  I kinda like it!  I want a lifetime membership to the Coupon Cult...I do!  I really Do!  And I hope you do too!  My goal in the next few weeks is to upgrade this site so it is easier to navigate.  I plan on providing more explanations on how to get the same deals I am getting and not just providing pictures after the fact.  I plan to have more articles and ideas on how to be more frugal in other areas of life...without having to sacrifice the comforts of life.  I plan to grow this cult and I hope you grow with me! 

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Anonymous said...

Count me in as a devoted follower! xoxox YiaYia