Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Movie Rentals!

So this is has come at a perfect time for me.  My husband and I have decided that Friday night will be our "Movie Date Night" and just last night we were having a conversation about it.  I told him I knew I had seen some free deals on-line and he told me that I should order Netflix.  We have had Netflix and I loved them.  They are easy to work with and a very reasonable offer. I was terrible about returning movies ontime and it saved me a ton of money on late fees.  But....I just feel that a good deal is a good deal but when the good deal is a FREE deal then I hear the harps of the Couponing Angels playing...close your eyes...can you hear them?  NEVER mind, if you close your eyes you can't read this deal!  Augh! What am I typing?

Thanks to I Heart Publix I now have free movies until next month!!! Woohooo....Adult movies not Elmo movies!!! I mean grown-up movies NOT "Adult" ... people!

Here is a compilation of all the current Blockbuster Kiosk codes.  Blockbuster Express kiosks can be found in many Publix stores. Go HERE to check for a kiosk  in your area. These codes can be used once per debit/credit card.

Free Rental with code G213A1 – Valid on Wednesday 3/10/10 only
Free Rental with code GT21A – Valid thru 3/12/2010
Free Rental with code GA13A2 – Valid thru 3/16/2010
Free Rental with code GL9RA – Valid thru 3/31/2010
Free Rental with code CALENDAR – Valid thru 3/31/2010
Free Rental with code OUFXMV – Valid thru 4/17/2010
Free Rental with code 6HHQLC – Valid thru 4/17/2010
Free Rental with code ETKGH7 – Valid thru 4/17/2010
Free Rental with code ICA33W – Valid thru 4/23/2010
Free Rental with code VGG8U2 – Valid thru 4/23/2010
Rent 1 Get 1 for free with code GN13B2 – Valid thru 3/15/2010

Remember you can now rent your movie online and pick it up at the Kiosk— how convenient!! See the details HERE

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