Monday, April 12, 2010


Update:  So the new look to the site is up and running!  How do you like it?  
I also have a fabulous review and giveaway listed as I promised!!
I am very excited to make this announcement!  This site will have a brand new look.  I think the site will be more fun and easier to navigate....I will be working on this today and hope to have it up by the end of the day but certainly by tomorrow...and with a new look will come a new Giveaway!  So please come back to check out the new look, new giveaway and all of the great deals!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! Nice job :-)

Jill W.

Simone said...

YiaYia said.....

You Rock Super Mami!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job! How about you start "I heart Navarro's" or "I heart Sedano's" since you're obviously getting the hang of this!

Mami said...

I actually contacted Sedano's so I could do a weekly update on them. I needed to know their coupon policy regarding printables...unfortunately, I have received no answer :( I will look into Navarro's policies.