Saturday, April 24, 2010

We had a Manager Override!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Last week, my husband went shopping at Publix by himself and he came home and was bummed!  I asked him what was wrong and he tells me that he wasn't happy because his list did not include picking up 14 of a product!  I almost spit my coffee out!  Seriously, when I started clipping coupons this January and making the list to rain in our budget I thought my husband would be supportive but never imagined that he would get excited about picking up yogurt for a quarter!  Thing is...HE IS!!!

Today, we had an awesome time at a local park. We took a picnic and loved it!  We came home pretty late so I put my daughter to bed while he ran out to Publix with the list and coupons in hand.  An hour later he came home and tells me..."the manager had to come over!"  What???  What was wrong??? All of the coupons were matched and legit and ... before I finished he tells me with a HUGE grin, "she had to override the cashier because of the amount in savings!!!!!".  Then with a bigger grin and a little chest puffing *yeah, I said it..He PUFFED his chest* he tells know you did good when the cashier and bagger are cheering you on!

Seriously, how cool was that?!  Better cool is it that my husband can puff his chest with Couponers there is a man for ya!  Now....hopefully, he will overlook the coupon mess I have on our kitchen table ;)

Spent - $106.89
Total Purchased -$305.54 (Had we payed full price)
Yeah...That is $198.65 in SAVINGS!!


Tree said...

Too funny! He did do a great job! My hubby is the "other man" that loves to shop and save on groceries. LOL

Anonymous said...

I had a manager override this week as well. I was so proud of myself.