Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Publix Berries Coupon - Free or Super Cheap after tonight

I want to {Thank You} all for the emails and the comments under the post for Menu planning...I am going to go for it and I am going to share it with you all.  I am still thinking of the best day to do the sharing...Nicole-Lynn left a comment that I should try to work around the sales ad.  I agree with you Nicole-Lynn ... I do want to give you a heads up.  I am looking for a blueberry recipe.

This Deal is was the last day for the coupon....sorry I didn't read the expiration until I was at the store.

Here is a coupon for Publix berries - $1.50 off berries and Publix currently has blueberries on sale for $1.50...{FREE BERRIES}I have to run out tonight and get them because the sale ends tonight for our area (I am going to print 2 and have my hubby use one while I use the other). 

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