Friday, July 30, 2010

$5 {Frugal} Friday Food for Others

The month has begun and my $5 budget has restarted.  For those of you who are new to my site on Fridays I track the food I have purchased to give to others...the goal for me is to stretch $5 to purchase as much as I can to donate at the end of the month.  Why $5? Because it breaks down to such a small amount every week...$1.25 that it is doable.  $5 a month  ... that is the goal.

July - 1st week - spent $0 - purchased 4 bottles of Kraft Sandwich Mayo.  (I purchased these at Publix this week using the Yellow Advantage coupons. 

July - 2nd week - spent $.25- purchased 2 bottles of Musselman's applesauce. I purchased them at Publix. They were BOGO and I found 2 Publix store coupons in their flyer making both jars a quarter).
I am kinda kicking myself for not picking more up.  We don't eat a lot of applesauce in my house so I knew these would go to others but I still should have grabbed 2 for our is {Hurricane} season.  Thing is the flyers were up front and by the time I tore the two coupons out I believe a little 3 year old diva was demanding a bit of attention...or was it her father..or was it me...I am not good on an empty stomach.  Well, it was one of those moments.

July - 3rd week - spent $.80 cents purchasing 4 packs of razors at Publix.
 These razors were Buy One Get One Free last week at Publix and at Publix you can use a coupon for each item you purchase even though the price is {Free}.  I had some high value coupons of $2 and $3 so I was able to purchase the 4 packages for $.80 (I may be of a cent or two because I forgot to keep the receipt but that was what I had calculated on my notes).  So, you think this is a weird item to donate to a food pantries take items for personal hygiene and other items such as diapers.  You should check with your local pantry.  I have a lot of razors at in my cabinet because I have been snagging them when these Buy One Get One deals come up...why let the coupons go to waste when someone else can benefit?!

Last week of the month!
Guess who is messed their camera up?  Yup...I am hoping it is simply an "operator error" as my husband would put it and not that my camera went Kaput so I don't have a picture to share with you this morning on my buys this week but I will tell you all about them.

We purchased 4 Right Guard Deodorants - turns out that I had 2 Buy One Get One Free coupons and they were BOGO at we got all 4 for {Free}.  My hubby has enough Right Guard since I only purchase them when they are BOGO and use coupons so these freebies are going towards the $5 for Others box.

We also bought 4 boxes of Honey Maid cookies.  They too were BOGO and priced $2.99...they had coupons underneath them for a $1 off a box.  As you know Publix allows you to use 2 coupons on a BOGO so I bought each box for $1...not bad $6 worth of cookies for a $1.

So what did I buy for others this month for $5?
4 bottles of Kraft Sandwich Mayo
2 bottles of Musselman's applesauce                                                                       
4 packs of Bic razors
4 Right Guard Deodorants
4 boxes of Honey Maid cookies                                                                                

I challenge you to join me next month and see what you can purchase for $5 in August to give to others...if we all do a little bit then it will mean a lot to someone else.

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