Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I was spoiled having my husband home the past few days to take care of the meals but now...the holiday is over and it is up to me....so this is my plan for the remainder of the week.

I found an awesome deal on meat at Target of all places.  Sometimes I will get lucky there and yesterday was one of the lucky days.  There were 2 packages with a big slab of Angus meat with a $3 coupon attached to each package making it a great deal at $5!  I also found corn for a great price...they are 10 for $1.00!  So, my meals will reflect by Target buys as well as the Publix buys I got this weekend.

Tuesday - Potroast (I am going to use this recipe HERE.) and peas (my daughter LOVES peas!)
Wednesday - BBQ sandwiches with oven fries (Curly's BBQ is BOGO at Publix) and fried corn (with Tabasco for the grownups).
Thursday - Flank Steak (I am trying out this recipe HERE) and Maduros (ripe plantains - I bought these at Sedano's 10 for $1.00) and salad
Friday - Hotdogs and Corn on the Cob (Ballpark is BOGO at Publix)

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