Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Menu Planning

Monday -
Spaghetti and sauce (Barilla Mulitgrain Pasta and Sauce is currently BOGO at Publix)
Garlic Bread (For the Grown-ups my daughter has a dairy allergy...I will give her just the pasta and salad)

Tuesday - 
Mock Chicken Fried Steak - Recipe From HERE

Baked Sweet Potato

Wednesday - 
Porcupines - Recipe From HERE
Mash potatoes with Almond Milk (Purchased a 5 lb bag of potatoes at Sedano's for $.99)

Thursday - 
(note for those with a dairy allergy ... on the dry onion soup mix - I am able to use Publix brand which does not contain dairy)

Friday - 
Chicken wings
Potato Wedges (using the remaining potatoes from the Sedano's $.99 purchase)

1 comment:

~Mo~ said...

Love your menu, maybe cause the Porcupines are on there! My mom would make these when were little, it was our favorite. Now my daughter, loves these!