Monday, July 12, 2010

"We ARE Florida Frugal Family!"

I had a good laugh yesterday running around with my husband.  We headed out with coupons in hand because we had to get our grocery shopping done.  We stopped at a local computer store because there was a coupon he found in the paper {Today Only} deal for a wireless keyboard at $14.99.  The keyboard I type on does not allow me to use all of the symbols on it because of a little 3 year old "mishap" with juice...enough said.

We then headed to 7 Eleven and grabbed some {Free} Slurpees...this was so much fun!  My daughter had never had a Slurpee before and she was just thrilled!  We headed to the home of a {Freecycler} where we had made arrangements to pick up a new shredder and gift wrap she was giving away...our shredder broke about 3 weeks ago and gift wrap...well...who doesn't need gift wrap? How very sweet of her!

We realized that we need to put gas in the car on the way to Harbor Freights to pick up a {Free} flashlight (another...Today Only deal ... and it happened to be in route).  My daughter loves to grab a flashlight at night and go frog {hunting} with my hubby.  She "catches" them with the light.  She now has a cute red flashlight of her own.   I told my husband to stop by another 7 Eleven because Savvy really enjoyed her Slurpee and why not get gas and let her grab another small Slurpee...with a big red stained smile on her face I packed her back up to the car to head to the grocery store and my husband looked at me and said..."what a day running around and grabbing Freebies" response was "We are Florida Frugal Family!" and we both started laughing.


Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

LOL! I love it! It sounds like a great day!

~Mo~ said...

Sounds like a great day! I love the Freecycle Group, some are just so generous!! It's nice to reply to someone that is desperate need of something, and you have it just sitting in the garage. Feels good!