Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Sharing - We should be {Frugal} with our Money but Never with our Hearts, Our Love or Our {Compassion} For Others

This week on Sunday Sharing I wanted to focus on the Humane Society.  I have 2 dogs and they were both strays...kinda. Our dug, Lucky, was a small dog we found one day while walking our Humane Society dog, Buddy.  Lucky ran up to Buddy and they started to play like they were just the best of buds.  They played for about 20 minutes while my hubby and I looked around for his owner.  No one came to retrieve him so I finally walked back to our apartment and grabbed a spare leash.  We figured we would walk him around and hopefully find his owner looking for him or he would lead us to his home....after an hour of walking and Lucky leading us to every home outside of our apartment complex we simply gave up and took him back to our place.  He was a dirty thing with tar on him so we decided that he would sleep on the balcony for the night while we printed out flyers to place around our complex.  He had no problems drinking and eating and just made himself at home....this should have been my clue.

We called the authorities and were told that because the dog was not aggressive and not loose they would not come to pick him up....and I just couldn't let him loose and possibly get hurt while someone may or may not look for him to take him to a shelter.  The next day we took him to the local Humane Society and no one has placed him as a missing dog...we asked if he could stay and were told we could relinquish him there but it was very likely he would be put down since there so many dogs and not enough people wanting to adopt....and "he is ugly and not adoptable"...those words crushed my, like the {dork} that I am I cried and wouldn't allow him to stay...I ended up skipping an exam (not good or recommended) and taking him home with us.  I bathed him and fed him and my Buddy was delighted to have him back.

We went to local vets the next day and they checked for a chip or tattoo but he had neither....we ended up placing him to be boarded since we could not keep him in our apartment since we did not have the room...a {HUGE} vet bill later we are told he is healthy but underweight...and a delight to have around!

To make a long story somewhat {less} long...certainly not short - we found Lucky's owner and returned him.  Turns out she was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time in her life and her husband let her dog go while she was in the hospital.  This was a dog that survived Hurricane Katrina and was rescued by her friend.  Her friend was shortly deployed to Iraq and left him in her care.  She was dying of cancer and knew she would not be there for him much longer...her husband wanted nothing to do with the dog.  She asked if we would take him and we did....I named him "Lucky" which is short for "Lucky you found 2 suckers like us :) ".

What the heck does this story have to do with the Humane Society?  The Humane Society is overloaded with wonderful animals that need a home.  Can you imagine how Lucky would tell his story if he had the words?  I am a good boy and yet I can't find a home....

Lucky is such a good boy...turns out he is 100 lb Hound (not malnourished anymore!) and is Buddy's best friend.  Buddy is our mutt that we adopted from the Broward County Humane Society....and my daughter's best bud.  Turns out We are the Lucky ones!

Are you thinking about adopting a dog?  Go to the Humane Society - when we went to look for our dog we were looking to adopt a Chow.  They did not have a full bred Chow but we were told that we may be put on a waitlist...yeah...a waitlist...if you want a full bred dog of a certain breed then just let them know.

For more information on the Humane Society just Click HERE.

Buddy soon after we adopted him.

My Lucky the day we found him.

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