Saturday, August 14, 2010

{Boohoo} I am sick...{My Ramblings}

I got so sick last night...and have spent the day with aches and pains.  I am hoping tomorrow is better for me and my hubby since he is down and out too.  I focused my $5 Challenge on school supplies this week.  I will add it to next weeks post.  Rather then focus my budget on food this week I took advantage of the school supplies sale at Office Depot and purcashed folders for 5 cents and scissors for a quarter...for less then $3 I bought supplies to donate and am tickled with the deals Office Depot ran this week (still running through Saturday so you still have a chance to run over and spend a dollar or two and get some school supplies for kids who don't have the extra dollar but still need). is the middle of the night and I am drinking some tea to help my throat but I am going to head to bed soon....wishing each of you a wonderful weekend!

I will have the winners for the giveaways that ended tonight up on Monday.

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