Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sharing: We should be {Frugal} with our Money but Never with our Hearts, Our Love or our Compassion for Others featuring Normal Moments

This week on Sunday Sharing I wanted to share with you an organization that I read about while flipping through a magazine.  I read the feature and I agreed so much...Everybody does need a "David".

My daughter, Melissa, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, the day before the beginning of her sophmore year of high school. We battled valiantly through chemotheraphy, septic shock, many surgeries, radiation, and the side affects of it all. Without my dear friend, David, who stepped in to care for the dogs, plants, and house during extended hospital stays both locally and out-of-town, I never would have survived. Sometimes, when we had to be at the hospital on a cold winter morning, I discovered that my neighbor had gotten up early and shoveled my drive way. On those special days, I had some extra time to share with my daughter and one less cause for exhaustion. When Melissa stopped eating everything but sushi, friends and family created the "Sushi Fund" at her favorite restaurant so that I didn't go broke feeding her. And when no one else really understood what it is like to sit by your child's side while her body struggles to survive, Sheryl was there to reminisce about her similar experience and I knew I was not alone.

Everyone deserves this kind of support and before she died, I promised my daughter that I would help make sure everyone has the opportunity.

Normal Moments is here to help.

Patricia Fragen
President & Founder

I remember coming home with my daughter from Philadelphia when she was 5 months old.   We had flown her up with an IV placed in her arm - she had spent 2 weeks fighting an infection after a liver biopsy at the children's hospital in Tampa and was shot up with enough antibiotics to allow us to travel to Philly to continue her care.  We flew with her to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where she was placed on a transplant list and given a PELD score (Pediatric End Stage Liver Disease Score which is an estimate of how long the doctors believe you will live)...My husband and I learned that we did not match our daughter and we could not donate a portion of our livers...our lives were turned upside down.

Upon arriving home we had a ton of mail.  I will never forget one piece of mail.  It was a notice from the management company (we rented) letting us know that they were about to start an eviction process.  We had paid our rent...that was not the problem.  The problem was that we had received a violation from the HOA because our grass had not been edged.  We had made arrangements to have our lawn mowed but it was not edged and we were not home to see that this had not been done.  We were sleeping and eating next to our daughter in the hospital.  Any HOA violation was considered a reason to evict...if we had arrived home 2 days after we would have arrived home to an eviction notice on our door.  Our baby was dying and we would have been evicted because of the {grass}.  If we had a "David" our world would have still been in shambles but some of the stressors we lived through were everyday stressors that we could barely cope with simply because we could barely breathe.   

There are times in our lives that we simply need to be held up...and times in our lives that we need to hold someone else up....

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