Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

  As I am smelling the chicken in the oven and Savvy is pronouncing to the dogs how she is {Starving} I realized I had not done the Menu Planning yet...and no worries...Savvy just finished a bowl of strawberries..she is not tragically {Starving} as she is declaring...ah..3 is so dramatic!

Monday -  Baked chicken with Italian dressing (super easy..just pour the dressing and bake), fried plantains, white rice and peas.

Tuesday - Chicken enchiladas (I baked some extra chicken so this will save me time and money tomorrow) with an avocado salad

Wednesday - Hamburgers (with County Bob's Yummy!) and Sweet potatoe fries

Thursday - Stuffed Green Peppers  and cornbread.

Friday - French toast, bacon and eggs...yummy breakfast for dinner :)

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