Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Menu Planning {Kinda}

I would Love to know what you all are planning for dinner this week...I am having leftover galore!  We made a ton of Ropa Vieja for my hubby's {fiesta} on Saturday and even though I sent everyone I could catch with a plate full of food we still have a ton of food leftover...and you know I can't just let it go to this week...we are having Ropa Vieja a few nights (which we love) and Sloppy Jose's one night (this is what my hubby calls Ropa Vieja on a hamburger bun) and I didn't plan a menu because we spent our weekly food budget on the party so we are going to enjoy the leftovers...

If you have a chance please share a recipe that you are preparing this week...I would LOVE ideas of recipes to serve my family next week....oh..and if you want the Ropa Vieja recipe just look at the post below...we made it on the stove top but you can easily make it in a crock pot too!

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Monique said...

I really need to start menu planning. Especially since school is back in session, I need to know what I'm cooking so it will make the evening go smoother. Once you add in homework, showers, and reading time, there ain't no time to be trying to figure out WHAT to make for dinner, and then running to the store for ingredients!