Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday {Menu} Planning

This week I will be doing a lot of baking to get ready for my hubby's birthday party.  My goal is to have things prepped or frozen by Friday so that on Saturday we are not running around doing things last minute (which I am sure will happen anyways)...and actually be able to enjoy our company rather then be exhausted by the time the first guest comes.  So this week dinner is going to be super simple.

Monday - Pizza - I have the dough my daughter and husband made last night in the fridge so we are just going to roll it out, bake and add toppings....tonight I am going to try to make a Marshmallow fondant cake (my dry will be the birthday cake we eat on Wednesday which is actually my hubby's bday).

Tuesday - Baked chicken breasts and potato wedges ... I plan to finish decorating my fondant cake and clean the house up nicely for my hubby's "Surprise Pardee" Savvy wants to throw him...a princess pardeee of course!

Wednesday - We are going out for a birthday dinner and having birthday cake at home....shhhhh...don't tell him...that is the "surprise"....if time permits I am going to make Oreo lollipops for the kids.

Thursday - Meatball subs ... I plan on making the rum cake this evening and possibly the Marshmallow cake if there is time.

Friday - Ropa Vieja...we are serving this for dinner Saturday so I am sure will make a batch on Friday....finish decorating the Marshmallow cake, bake cookies, make hummus and get dough ready for the fresh bread we will serve as apps at the {fiesta}.

If you have any dairy free party ideas...please feel free to share them with me....I would love to try out new yummy recipes!

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