Monday, August 9, 2010

My Rum Cake .... {My Ramblings}

I made the yummiest rum cake last night!  I did something I don't normally do and all in the name of {Frugality}.  I found a recipe on the Food Network that I wanted to try out but I didn't have dark rum as the recipe requested...just light rum.  My hubby just brought this home...he purchased it at a Publix liquor store..Buy One Get One Free!  I didn't have dark brown sugar...just light brown.  I didn't have rum extract....just vanilla.

Normally, I would have looked at the recipe and either not tried it because I didn't have the ingredients on hand or run out and purchase all of the ingredients....not very cost efficient.  Last night, I just decided to subsitute the items in the recipe that I didn't have with what I did have and I tweaked the amounts...making my hubby taste the rum infused frosting several results....He LOVED the cake and so did I!

I realize that in the beginning of the year I started to coupon and look for some deals...but now solidly more then half way through the way of thinking and looking at things has changed.  I know....I {Know} so many of you already do this but I was a little slow in joining the frugal train...and now that I am on....Choo Chooooooo...I am loving the ride!


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KimD said...

I've been on the slow train too! Don't you find it a bit exciting when you do something like this and it turns out great? Using what you have on hand leads to surprising, and yummy results!