Friday, September 10, 2010

$5 Frugal Food for Others Challenge

This April I wrote about an idea I had....
I have a challenge for you and for me.  I want you to take $5 this month (May) and purchase as much food as you can for someone else.  $5...that is $1.25 a week.  I challenge you to cut your coupons and see how far you can stretch each one out to get as much as you can for the $5 and then at the end of the month to donate these purchases to your local food pantry.

Mother's day is around the corner and I have thought a lot about it because this year I am blessed enough to be home with my child.  I told my hubby that I want to pack a picnic and spend the day at the beach...that to me is a magnificent day!  The first Mother's day I ever had I spent it with my little girl in the hospital and to boot I had to wear a face mask because I was sick so I could not even kiss her without a mask on....this will be so different.  My point is that we never know what life has planned for us. "
There but for the grace of God, go I " . We do not realize how much we truly have until it is taken away from us.  Many mothers this month simply hope to be able to provide food for their children and then my mind started to wander and I thought...what more can I do?  So, I am challenging myself and I am challenging you to do the $5 Frugal Food Challenge!!! 

I want to make this challenge fun!  If you choose to participate in this challenge all you have to do is send me a picture of what you have purchased and the running tally of what you have spent and I will post them on Friday along with my families weekly challenge purchases. 

Last month I did not focus my challenge on food but rather on school supplies...the premise was the same.

This month the tally starts over....
Week 1 - bread ... hot dog buns to be exact.  4 loaves of it....and it was {Free}.
I shared the deal I scored this week HERE.  I was able to freeze 2 of the hotdog buns along with the hot dogs that I purchased but that left me with 4 packs...I don't have an extra freezer in the garage (maybe one day) so I did not have the room to freeze the extra buns.  Why let the buns go to waste?  They were {free} so my tally for the month is still $0 and I have $5 left to spend. 
As a note -   Many food pantries do have freezer space or they will give it away quickly before allowing it to go to your local drop off center and check to see if they accept perishable items in good condition...I think you may be surprised that many do.  You don't have to just donate cans of I have mentioned before many are very happy to accept diapers, razors (you know we can get these nearly free if not free), deodorants, etc.

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