Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday...Okay...{Tuesday} this Week :)

I had plans to do a lot of cooking and freezing this weekend but that did not happen.  Savvy was sick and Super Papi threw his back out...I keep telling Savvy that Papi is an antique and should be handled with care...but she is 3 and she believes he is Super Papi and so does HE..so was hurting this weekend.  I have to tell ya at one point I thought..this wasn't what I planned but then I remember all I wanted was Normal and that is what I got.

A kid with boogies a 40+ year old hubby with his backed thrown out (but still mowed the grass...he is Super Papi) and although we did have a nice conversation with our amazing pediatrician..we were home!  3 years ago this same weekend Savvy was hospitalized and had such trouble breathing because she had fluid taking over her body (ascites) ... so I had a {Boogie filled} normal weekend...Burgers on the grill on Labor Day and all...and you know what..that is just great with me.  I am going to have to plan to freeze some meals another weekend because I owe Savvy a trip to the beach...so fingers crossed for next weekend!

Okay so that had nothing to do with menu planning!  Except for it was a VERY round about way of sharing that I watched Sandra's Money Saving Meals and love it...I have a lot of respect for Sandra Lee and her advocacy for helping feed others...I respect that she has made a success of herself and yet continues to give back because she remembers.  I love the ideas I got from her show so this week I am going to work on her {Money Saving} recipes from Sandra Lee!

Monday - We did burgers and potatoes on the grill with some grilled pineapple...yummy!

Tuesday - Chicken Fried Steak with green beans and sweet potato

Wednesday - Stuffed Chicken thighs with Smashed Potatoes and a side salad

Thursday - Chicken Burritos with Pineapple salsa (I am saving some pineapple from Monday's meal)

Friday - I am going to make a chicken soup with the leftovers I have...Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup...pretty much using up all of my leftovers and making a soup from it...and some corn bread.

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