Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Menu Planning

Monday - Chicken Chow Mein and a salad. (I will fess is a store bought mix..I just add the is in my pantry and I want to use it an easy peasy dinner for me tonight).

Tuesday - Turkey Dinner...yup...I am in the mood for the holidays so I am making Turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes and an apple looking forward to this!

Wednesday - Well you know we are going to be having leftovers...isn't that the best thing about the holidays?!

Thursday - Turkey Pot Pie

Friday - Since I am sure we will be tired of my "holiday themed week" :)  I am going to make something completely different. We are going to grill out and have some burgers, grilled pineapple with yuca fries (these are so easy to make but you can buy then ready to fry in the freezer section...the more {frugal} way to prepare them is simply to purchase the yucca and clean it up .. just like a potato, cut it into pieces (like steak fries) and fry them up.  They are delicious!  A little ketchup for Savvy and garlic sauce for Super Papi and me....and we have a yummy easy meal!)

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