Tuesday, September 7, 2010

POM Wonderful {Review}

Super Papi is always looking to play around in the kitchen on the weekends and he loves to try out new recipes.  We got a case of POM Wonderful juice to review and I have to tell you that at first I thought we would just drink the juice but once we started playing with the juice we were surprised at how good this juice is!

I really like the taste of POM Wonderful juice but more importantly Savvy liked the taste!  One of the things we did with the juice was mix it with Crystal Light lemonade...I can tell you that this concoction was a {HUGE} hit for Savvy!  We did a 50/50 mix for this concoction.  We then froze some of these concoctions and Savvy enjoyed it as a frozen popsicle treat.    One of my faves was mixing the POM Wonderful juice with some vinaigrette dressing..so yummy and super light!  If you want other recipes simply go HERE.

I have to tell you that I was surprised when I went to the POM Wonderful site to learn that they are the only company that guarantees 100% authentic pomegranate juice in their product.  When you click HERE you can read studies about the {health} benefits of POM Wonderful.  I {Love} this juice especially for Savvy!

Disclosure: I received a case of the POM Wonderful juice for the purpose of a review.  NO other form of compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Your opinion may be different.  


Michelle Maskaly said...

POM is so good!

andreagscott said...

Love our use of the juice with a vinaigrette, very creative@ The shot of your little one drinking it is fantastic. Enjoy!

andreagscott said...

Love your use of POM juice with the vinaigrette, very creative. The shot of your little one sipping on the juice is so cute, so glad you're enjoying!

wacki04 said...

I love how you can make so many different things from it! I'll have to check them out!

demmi said...

pom is good juice

Katie said...

I have always wanted to try this! Thanks for the review!