Sunday, October 10, 2010

Savvy Saying....

I don't normally post anything other then my Sunday Sharing but this is just one of those...I need to write it down moments so I don't forget.

Savvy woke up about 30 minutes ago crying.  She is not feeling well {again}.  It seems to be the story of her life lately..she gets sick at school and has to miss out a good portion of the week.  We know that this is part of the deal with a transplant and the meds...but that is not why I hopped on.

After we got Savvy calmed down I told her she could go to sleep in my bed.  She is so tired and looks at her Papi and says, "Papi can I get a fish?".  Robert says, "sure, when you are older you can get a fish.  You will have to take care of them and feed them."  Savvy says, "And EAT THEM!".

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