Monday, November 29, 2010

Cowgirl Chocolates {Review}!

I almost feel guilty writing this review.  I wish I had a giveaway for everyone who is reading this post because frankly this small package is {Delightful}!  I received a box of truffles to taste from Cowgirl Chocolates and I almost didn't even want to open the box because it is just so darn pretty with a silver star and bow but ... I forced myself .. oh...what I won't do for you guys ;)

This sample box did not include your typical chocolates instead I got mild and spicy truffles...Yup...SPICY!  Let me tell you..I never thought the words Habanero Caramel would come out of my mouth but not only are they...but the little piece of delight also went in!

My only negative part of the review is that the box wasn't big enough to share...or I wasn't big enough to share...okay I shared a tiny little bite with my hubby but darn it I wanted more!  The Fancy Pants Gift Box I received retails for $12.95...a sweet little gift for the holidays!

Disclaimer:  This product was received Free of charge for the purpose of a review.  No other form of compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Katie said...

Holy Smokes! Habanero and caramel! I would love to try that. You have made my mouth water for chocolate...and it is only 6 AM! Great review - THANKS!

Emy said...

OMG, I love chocolate! I would definitely give these a try, especially because they're spicy.