Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Morning! {My Ramblings}

Remember the promise we made not to see the pediatrician this weekend?!  Well, we didn't exactly fulfill it....but does it count if technically Savvy was back at the doctors on Friday?  Yup, she had what we believe was a reaction to her antibiotics and then on Saturday for fun she woke up with that "silly" cough and runny nose know the one....the one she was on antibiotics for...the one that led to her walking pneumonia....yup....we are back on the roller coaster and this is her Birthday week!  My baby girl turns 4 on Sunday....we have a little fiesta planned for see her little boogie filled face with circles under her eyes talk about her fiesta....oh....I wish I had a magic wand!

I have lots of postings to do....I have lots of winners to announce...I know I am behind...and you all are always so wonderful with the wonderful little sharer my gal is ... she shared her "whatever" with me and today I am sick...or it could simply be the lack of sleep the last few days because Savvy has been crying in her sleep ... did I mention....I want a magic wand?!

I hope you all had a {Wonderful} holiday weekend!  Although under the weather...we are beyond excited in our house...our Warrior Princess is turning 4!!!
Savvy on her first birthday at the Ronald McDonald House in New Jersey...enjoying a piece of strawberry from her cake...that piece on the plate was to much for her to handle....Her Abuelo sent the first snow of the season from Heaven on this day...such a beautiful day.
Savvy's second birthday...celebrating life with her beautiful friends.  The little girl on the right had 2 liver transplants within a week - Savvy and Sofia were hospitalized during the same prayers daily were for these two girls to live and celebrate Savvy's second birthday...I {Believe} in the power of prayer...the little boy next to Savvy is our hero...this amazing young boy has had a liver transplant and so much more and yet his spirit is the most beautiful one you will ever have the privilege of knowing..His brave brother sits next to Savvy while our other little friend also has liver disease and we pray that a cure will be found before he needs a transplant.  Birthdays are so very, very special in our home..
Savvy's 3rd birthday...Elmo Cupcakes for breakfast!  Savvy couldn't believe her eyes!

The Little Warrior Princess who wouldn't see her 2nd birthday with the Greatest Gift of Love ... an organ donation is about to celebrate her 4th!!!!  Thank you to the hero's we love so much and yet have never met..
Thank You for my boogie faced, time out queen, sassy, funny, pasta loving, little Warrior Princess!

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