Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh My Goodness It is Midnight! ... {My Ramblings}

I just finished the last errand for the day and guess what the day is OVER!  I feel terrible that I never got back to at least post some reviews and giveaways....afterall, I had scheduled to do one daily for the entire Tomorrow...or Today (later I will make up for it!  My hubby is working in the morning and in the early afternoon and then it will be me time!  I don't normally post a lot on Saturdays but I will hop on to set up some giveaways....I will probably do a few...yup....that is my guilt talking for not having one up today.....

- I have a Unicorn Pillow Pet that has arrived and I just know Savvy will love it ... because she wants her hippo one all of the time.  She had originally requested a unicorn and then changed her mind at the last second so I will make sure to have her check it out tomorrow and get that up for you!  That is a WONDERFUL gift for any little one!  I have a few other cool ones that I will get up too...though I have to keep you guessing....I know it is late and I am being sassy ;)

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