Friday, November 5, 2010

TGIF!....{My Ramblings}

I am running a bit late this morning...actually you have probably noticed that I have been a little bit on the Missing in Action side this week.  I have had a lot on my plate and it hit me like a brick that the holidays are here.  My daughter is turning 4 in a few weeks.  My best friend is flying into town soon.  We are off to a wonderful event mid week with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Dear friends are arriving next week and we are all going to do a 5K run to benefit Liver Research....all absolutely wonderful things but when you add a very active 3 year old (WOOHOOO!) and a car that broke down on me this has just been busy.

My hubby fixed the car last night after today, I have to catch up on things I have not gotten done.  I would normally catch up on Saturday but my hubby has to work Saturday so I need to get my tush in gear.  I have some awesome giveaways that I will add later on today....yup....I will be blogging today but not until later ... maybe even {gasp} this evening.  I have my first parent-teacher conference this morning and then I am headed to run errands....lots of errands.  Dry cleaning drop off, arrange freecyclers to meet me so I can give baby items away, grocery shopping, drop off some treats at a friends work, promised Savvy we would make Rice Krispy treats together after school, etc.  The cool thing is that as I was stressing about getting everything done and getting my posts up ... I realized how different life was just a few short years ago.  The holidays bring out a lot of emotion for me for it was just a few years ago I was living at the Ronald McDonald House in New Jersey with my yellow baby praying for her to live.  Doctor's visits, ER visits, lab draws, etc... I would have cherished a day filled with a long to do list of errands with my 3 year old child... today I am grateful for my to do list.  I am grateful that I have a lot to do to the house before it fills up with friends...I am grateful that my friends won't care if I finish my to do lists on the house for they are just that, friends.

I am so grateful for the day....that I want to shout...Thank You for such an extraordinary Ordinary day....Thank You!

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