Monday, December 20, 2010

Winners...Winners...and I still have more! {My Ramblings}

I will announce the remainder of the winners and notify them tomorrow...After announcing the winners to the current giveaways I will post some new ones. 

We all have a {bug} in our house...we ended up canceling our Holiday fiesta this weekend and our plans to meet our nephews in Orlando.  Lucky for me I didn't hype up the trip to Savvy so she is simply excited about Christmas and seeing her cousins then.  I took Savvy to the doctors today and although she has had a bad cough for a week her chest is clear...Yeah!  She just got over having walking pneumonia so we are super lucky that things sound good!!!

I do hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season ... take some time to slow down and enjoy each other...I have to say that I was having a bit of a "boo hoo" moment since we were all sick this weekend and my grand plans of a family Holiday party were canceled...but I started my morning off with a phone call to a dear friend whose wife is in ICU.  She came home from a Holiday fiesta this weekend and had a freak accident walking up her stairs...and broke her neck.  I can't even begin to imagine how scared he was and his beautiful daughters.  Naomie (our friend) will be in ICU for a week and fitted into a Halo will take time but we have been blessed and she is able to move and was not paralyzed.

You may remember a post I did about her husband, Tom, and on Sunday Sharing.  Here it is.  If I may ask...please say a little prayer for her, or think a positive thought, or simply give your family members a hug and a kiss and remind them how loved they are by you.

I certainly did not mean to start this post and put a damper on anything but more to remind you about how precious these moments is not about the gifts, the trees, the decorations, the parties ... these things are all {wonderful} but simply remember that memories are made of the times we spend with each other...just make sure the memories are ones filled with laughter, love, and kindness...because really .. isn't that the gift we all want?

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