Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just looked to Yummy not to share

I don't normally put recipes up but I got the Betty Crocker newsletter and this just looked way to Yummy not to share.  I get a lot of newsletters from companies and I normally browse looking for deals but in this case....I just clicked, clicked, clicked!  I want this cake in my tummy a.s.a.p!  This is their Key Lime Pie Poke cake .  I just spent the day in the Florida Keys' (at Harry Harris park I mentioned to you all earlier this week...Free during the week!)..maybe that is why Key Lime is on my mind.

I have to confess a geek story...a "couple" geek story.  My daughter has a severe dairy allergy so as you can imagine we do not cook with milk or any dairy product BUT on Friday nights after we put her to bed and the last bedtime story has been is our Date Night or Dairy Night!  On a typical Friday night you might find us playing a board game with a CHEESY dip or watching a movie with a CHOCOLATE dessert...anything as long as it consists of DAIRY.  I know .. it is geeky...we have been made fun of by our friends but it is what it is...and I love it!

I am thinking that next Friday night might be Key Lime Pie Poke Cake night....oh...I have goosebumps just thinking about it!  If I can wait that long!

Click Here if you want to get the recipe for this cake.

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