Monday, November 22, 2010

Beecology Soaps {Review}

I had the pleasure to review some {beautiful} soaps from Beecology.  They have a simple design to them and yet they are beautiful...right up my alley!  I received several of the beautiful soaps to try out and I have to tell you that I truly enjoyed them.  They were a nice luxury ... atleast they felt like a luxury but you will be surprised that they are affordable...really!  They are priced at $5.99.

My favorite one was actually the one I thought I would like the least and that was the Dead Sea Mud  Soap...guess I have dryer hands then I thought I did. I actually wash my hands A LOT..with Savvy being immune suppressed washing our hands is just an automatic thing in our home...and then sanitizer so you can imagine how dry my hands are on a daily basis.

Now these soaps are not antibacterial but I use hand sanitizer after I use soap so it wasn't until I started using these soaps that I realized I might be over doing it with the antibacterial soaps. If you are thinking of a luxury holiday gift that is affordable then you should certainly consider checking out the Beecology site!

And the best all know I have a soft spot in my heart for companies that give back and help others...these are companies I love to support...and my hats off to Beecology for doing just that!...I love that they are "pollinating society with charity"!

We Promise to Give Back
At Beecology our mission is to give back as much as our good fortune has given to us. Through our charity web site partner,, we pledge to give 10% of our net profit from all sales to environmental and social causes. Beecology invites our customers to participate in charitable giving by asking them to go to and designate which charity will receive a portion of the profit from their Beecology purchases. Two important pieces of my life have now come together: a commitment to ecology through my natural products, and a commitment to causes that help our brothers and sisters.
Disclosure: I received the products for the purpose of a review.  I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are my own.

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